More than 100 years in the making...our design

  process reaches all the way into your home. 

Four generations of furniture making experience uphold a simple family tradition—deliver more than the customer expects, for less than they expect to pay. While customer tastes have evolved from library tables and piano benches to Flat Screen TV consoles and recliner wedge tables, some furniture features never go out of style—a silky smooth finish, and sturdy, wobble-free solid wood. At Leick Home, we know TV cabinets, coffee and end table sets, home office, counter and bar stools, and stand-alone accent tables inside and out. Building real wood furniture designed for your home, and built to last…for more than 100 years.




Call it a Coffee Table Book.

Or an end table book. Whatever you call it, our newly-designed Leick Home full-line catalog is packaged up and ready to send your way.  To learn how to get your hands on a copy e-mail us at

Kid-Friendly Furniture?

Children pose unique challenges to your furniture choices. Keeping them safe and finding furniture that will hold up to daily use are top priorities.

Why Choose Solid Wood?

Video tips on the benefits of solid wood furniture.